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Why advocates? When most people think of agents they think of sales pitches, long hold times, and canned responses—a strictly transactional (and often unpleasant) interaction. That’s not us. Our advocates are disrupting the old way of doing insurance, and that starts with building excellent relationships with our customers. We’re real people, not echoing voices in a call center. Get to know us!

Ensuring (and insuring) happiness from our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA!

Cody Thompson

Why insurance? My family sold insurance and taught me to protect what's important to me!

Fun fact: There is a dolphin named after me.

On the phone, people say I sound like: Wanda Sykes. But I don't hear it.

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Doug Easlick

Why insurance? I love meeting and helping new people.

Fun fact: I played in the NFL for three seasons.

The historical figure I’d most like to get a call from is: Abraham Lincoln

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Joe Borowiec

Why insurance? It's an evolving field with endless opportunities.

Fun fact: I was an extra in the movie Creed.

My favorite texting acronym is: MTFBWY (May The Force Be With You)

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