because life’s better without extra worries.

Our Story

Insurance is the practice of distributing risk for protection against the inevitable. It’s such a simple concept that people starting using it all the way back in 3000 B.C. People figured out insurance thousands of years before they realized Earth is round. Isn’t it time getting insured felt a little less ancient?

That’s the question we asked ourselves. And the answer is Margo.

The Old Way:

The big insurance companies know you need coverage and with bloated advertising budgets, it’s pretty easy for them to grab your attention, make a discounted sale, and then month by month, creep your costs up higher. For years they’ve been following the same formula:

Confusing industry jargon + fluctuating pricing + 1 quirky mascot = one-size-fits-all policies

The Margo Way

At Margo, we set out to make shopping for insurance different. Less confusing, more transparent. Less transactional, more personal. Less salesy, more service. More, well, human. Margo is insurance for humans. And humans are unique, not one-size-fits-all. So we’re reinventing the formula:

Multiple carrier partners + transparent pricing + 1 personal advocate = a policy that fits you

In 3000 B.C., insurance was a cutting edge innovation. Our goal is to make it modern again. It’s taken 5,000 years, but the next evolution of insurance is here. Welcome to Margo.

People started using insurance in 3000 B.C.—thousands of years before they realized Earth is round. So why does insurance today seem so complicated?

Margo wants shopping for insurance to be better. Less confusing, more transparent. Less transactional, more personal. Less salesy, more service. More, well, human.

Margo is insurance for humans. Through our carrier partnerships, Margo matches you with a policy that fits your individual needs, monitors the policy for changes, and helps you switch policies or carriers when you want.

It’s taken 5,000 years, but the next evolution of insurance is here. Welcome to Margo.

How it Works

Margo is revolutionizing the insurance industry by doing something simple—making insurance more human. Here’s how:

Multiple, high-quality options: Margo doesn’t write insurance policies, so we have nothing to gain from promoting a particular brand. Instead, we carefully vet and select carrier partners to create an insurance marketplace featuring the best carriers and policies at the most competitive prices.

Personalized shopping experience: Liability ... excess bodily ... deductible ... What does it all mean? Most people don’t know and big insurance carriers use that against their customers. Knowledge is power—power that should be in your hands. While shopping for insurance, Margo customers have access to our insurance advocates—industry experts who give tailored guidance and insider advice to help select the best policy.

Watchdog and concierge service: Your relationship with a Margo advocate doesn’t end when you purchase a policy. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Anytime you have an insurance question, your advocate is available with answers you can understand. When you need to file a claim, your advocate is there with personalized guidance. Your Margo advocate also monitors your policy— if the price, your needs, or anything else changes, Margo will help you add, remove, or switch policies and carriers anytime.

Multiple, high-quality options: We carefully vet and select carrier partners for our competitively-priced insurance marketplace.

Personalized shopping experience: Our insurance advocates are industry experts who give tailored guidance and insider advice to help you select the best policy.

Watchdog and concierge service: Your Margo advocate is always available to answer your questions, constantly monitors your policy, and helps you make changes anytime.

Core Values

Every dreamer needs a little direction. These are the ground rules the Margo team operates under, each and every day.

Advocates, not agents.

Our expert staff is here to give our customers the best value and experience, not just to make a sale.

Connected, not wired.

Our technology is top-notch, but that doesn’t make us disconnected from our customers. We operate with real world empathy.

Stronger together.

Diverse experiences and ideas are what make us innovative. We value all of our employees and customers and honor their individuality.

Success is never final.

Insurance is a lifelong need, and our support for our customers is ongoing.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Did we miss something? Give us a call at 1-844-55-margo.

Is Margo an insurance provider?

No. Margo is a free way to shop for insurance at multiple carriers. You can think of us as a superstore, offering several brands to choose from, but without any price markup. Because Margo operates independently and has multiple partners, we are able to link you to the policy that best fits you, versus trying to sell you a specific brand.

What is the benefit of shopping for insurance through Margo?

Margo has several benefits. a) Margo allows you to compare policies from multiple carriers. We operate independently, so we’ll never try to push a particular policy on you for our own gain. Our goal is to find you the best match for coverage and price. b) Margo’s insurance expertise is yours to use. Insurance can be hard to understand, we make it easy. c) Margo is an ongoing service. We monitor your policy to ensure you’re saving, check in to see how you’re liking your carrier, and are always available when you need to or want to make a change. All that and we haven’t even mentioned our amazing customer service, easy to use design, and good looks.

Will Margo help me save money on my insurance policy?

Margo is committed to getting you the best possible prices for the coverage you need. Our insurance advocates will help explain the pricing you receive in a quote and, if you purchase a policy, our advocates will monitor it for any price changes. With Margo you can rest assured there are no hidden costs. We’ll give you the same or lower price quotes as if you went directly to the carrier, but with the exclusive option to compare multiple carriers in one place.

Where do I pay my monthly/yearly insurance bill?

The bill for your insurance premium will come from the carrier partner who provides your policy. Your Margo advocate will make sure you’re set up with all the right information on where, when, and how to pay that provider. You never owe Margo a cent.

I have a question about my insurance policy—who do I talk to?

Another free service Margo provides is explaining policies and coverage in terms that make sense to you. We lovingly call it insurance interpretation. If you have any question, just give us a call or send us an email. We’ll give you straight answers and even talk to your insurance provider on your behalf.

I need to file an insurance claim—how do I do it and who pays for it?

Margo knows that filing a claim can be one of the most stressful times you have to deal with insurance. Your claim and payment will come from your insurance provider, but if you want help, we’re here to give it. To file a claim you can either a) call your Margo advocate who will take you step-by-step through the process b) visit the claims section of our site for a direct link to your provider or c) call your insurance provider directly.

I want a different policy or carrier because (my price changed, I need different coverage, I had a bad experience, etc). What do I do?

Call Margo! Most people don’t realize that they can switch insurance policies or carriers anytime they like. Or if they do realize it, it’s too much of a hassle! Margo takes care of all of that for you and makes switching simple.

How does Margo choose which insurance providers to partner with?

People often only know about a handful of big insurance providers with huge advertising budgets. Margo partners with some of those providers and with smaller carriers. Before partnering with a provider, Margo carefully considers their product quality, customer service rankings, claims satisfactions rankings, and ease of accessibility. We only partner with the best.

How are Margo’s insurance advocates licensed and trained?

Our insurance advocates are licensed and trained insurance agents in each state. Better yet, they are hired for and trained in excellent customer service and our core values. We call them advocates because unlike the traditional agency model, advocates at Margo aren’t there to just sell a policy. They are there to lend their expertise to our customers as assistants, concierges, and watchdogs in the insurance business.

Margo is free?! How is that possible? What’s in it for you?

Yes, Margo is free for our customers. Our carrier partners pay Margo when we find them a new customer, but there is no markup for you. The prices are the same (or better) than if you visited the carrier directly. Margo doesn’t get paid to push customers to one carrier over another. And Margo will never sell you a policy unless we believe it's a good fit.